Tess' is a premier gourmet kitchen store, now offering cooking classes in our "restaurant" quality kitchen by our Culinary Institute of America in house Chef.

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Because we believe in providing the highest level of service and value to our customers, we offer gift registry services for any occasion. Please come in and let one of our sales representatives help you select the items for your registry. Our knowlegeable staff will help you make sure you get everything you need and want!

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Tess\' Cooking Classes

Tess' Kitchen Store features Cooking Classes! From Thai Food to Breads to Pizza, Tess' offers cooking classes of all kinds. Come in and check out our schedule or just go to Cooking Classes to see what we offer!

Tess-Kitchen-Store-Polish-Pottery2 One of our best selling products at Tess' Kitchen Store is our Polish Pottery. Just recently, one of my co-workers, Holly, told me that she loves her Polish Pottery mug. We were organizing the Polish Pottery display and I said, "Oh yeah? Why is that? Maybe I should blog about it." She grabbed a random mug off the shelf and turned it over in her hand then slipped her fingers inside the handle. She replied, "I love it because it fits so nicely in my hand and it just keeps my coffee hot." Basically, it does the job it is supposed to do and it does it well. I decided I would do a little piece on Polish Pottery and I snapped a few pictures in the store and I did some research and here we go: TEN FACTS ABOUT POLISH POTTERY:
  1. Most importantly, Polish Pottery is safe to use in the Microwave, Dishwasher and Oven (up to 350 degrees)!
  2. Polish Pottery is stoneware- made from White Clay and fired two times in order to ensure a durable, long lasting vessel.
  3. Each piece of Polish Pottery is handcrafted and painted by an individual artist.
  4. Original, authentic Polish Pottery is made in  Boleslawiec, Poland. There are many different levels of quality which is why our buyer at Tess' Kitchen Store handpicks our patterns and pieces to ensure the best quality. There are many knock offs and lower quality distributors- so buyer beware! What you buy at Tess' is of the very best selection.
  5. During World War II, the ceramics factories in Poland were destroyed. In 1946, efforts were made to revive the struggling ceramics industry. New cooperatives were formed which built new ceramics art studios and Poland, once again, began exporting their traditional ceramics!Tess-Kitchen-Store-Polish-Pottery
  6. Polish Pottery retains heat and cold for extended periods of time- which is what my co-worker took note of when she claimed that her mug keeps her coffee hot! It's true!
  7. The first "stamps" used to paint the Polish Pottery were made from cut, frozen potatoes. Newer designs are still hand stamped from individually carved stamps.
  8. Most pieces are stamped or signed with the word "Unikat" which means, "unique".
  9. in 1898, the government established the "Keramische Fachschule" (Ceramic Technical Training School) to further the development of the art.
  10. Because there are several small, family-style producers of Polish Pottery in Poland today, each "factory" has their own characteristic patterns and designs. Some people collect pottery from just one "house".

10 Interesting Facts About Polish Pottery

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Gift Registry

Because we believe in providing the highest level of service and value to our customers, we offer gift registry services for any occasion.

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Tess’ is a premier gourmet kitchen store, carrying major brand names in cookware, bakeware, cutlery and kitchen electrics and has over 1,000 different gadgets and utensils. Tess’ Kitchen Store has been voted “Best Kitchen Store in Nevada County” by the readers of The Union newspaper each of the past seven years (2004-2010).